Workshop - How to do user testing on a budget

Use what you got, where your are.


User testing for everyone!

Everyone should know how to do basic user testing. It’s a gold mine for innovation and getting to know your customers, and it can lower your stress levels immensely.

You don’t need fancy equipment, a big team or a special budget. You do need to know basic interview technique, how to set up your first user test script, how to differ between what you see and what you hear.

In September I’ll lead a workshop at Slow Business Adventure in Jotunheimen National Park in Norway.

You’ll learn

  • How to write your first user test script

  • Interview technique

  • How to recruit test persons

  • Two different user testing techniques - from testing first drafts and sketches on paper to observing people in front of screens

  • Documentation - when to observe, when to record

  • How to differ what you see from what you hear

  • How to analyse the findings

  • tools for prioritizing and fixing the issues you found

Who is it for? People like you!

  • Managers who navigate internal conflicts about what your web pages should contain and look like

  • Entrepreneurs who want to get to know their customers and clients better, so you can make better solutions

  • Designers and techies who want to develop user-friendly products and solutions

And it all takes place in a cosy living room on top of a mountain

“Each workshop is literally a cosy living room filled with your future business allies. In the 45 min lunch break you can enjoy a buffet lunch with delicious local produce while you build meaningful relationships with the attendees and the workshop leaders. Ask them about their best strategies for what works now to create a sustainable and profitable business.

(*) = Living Room Workshops requires an extra ticket, which includes the workshop and VIP lunch with the workshop leaders. Workshop tickets come for sale for Slow Business Adventure festival ticket holders 1. August.“ (from