Hi, I’m Marit!


User testing consultant


user experience detective and content cheer leader

at your service.

My job is to tidy up web pages. You need your website, apps, and e-mails to be user-friendly, clear and concise.

I help web editors and communication professionals optimizing their site, so your readers trust you enough to hit that “Buy”, “Book now” or “Contact us”-button. Instead of starring at web analytics and asking your colleagues, you should run user tests.

I can help you with that.

My name is Marit Letnes, and I teach people how to do user research and write for the web. I specialize in user testing and prototyping.

People hire me to understand what their readers really want and how they feel and learn how to create killer content.

Workshop: Learn how to user test on a budget

Join me at what might be the world’s most beautifull business event ever - The Slow Business Adeventure in september. Entrepreneurs from all over Europe are coming. See you there?

Why work with me?

As a chronically curious, outgoing and a compulsory reader, I’ve been a member of an editing team for either print, radio or web since 2004, and I love to push through to “aha!”-moments.


  • worked as a writer (both ghostwriter for blogs and under my own name for literary magazines)

  • been a radio reporter at NRK and the worlds oldest feminist radiostation RadiOrakel

  • delivered a Masters Degree in Literature from the University in Oslo

  • studied innovation and entrepreneurship at Fudan University in Shanghai

  • worked as a UX content consultant for Netlife Design with clients reaching from university sites to hyper-commercial online sport shops


  • run my own business since 2015 (puh!)

Research skills, content management and interview technique, is something you can learn, too.

The key to reaching your company’s goals is to focus on the readers’ tasks, testing if what you’re doing is working, and have a good time while doing it.

Get unstuck

Many of my clients, and probably you too, feel stuck in never-ending internal conflicts and office politics when it comes to content management. In a world where everyone is publishing, how is your content going to stand out?

Customer service is arguing with the marketing team, IT and legal services speaks a different language altogether, the pressure for publishing more and more in a thousand different channels is increasing and… BOOM! The information overload is real.

They way out the mess? User testing and a good content strategy. Observe and talk to your readers. The irrational humans. The strangers that visit your sites. Don´t just stare at web analytics or ask your colleagues what they think. You know too much. You are not representative. You are not your users.


Wanna talk about it?

Contact me at


Tlf: (+47) 907 91 609